28 März

Finding motivation and keep it is a big deal. Sometimes you just can't find your motivation for things. Not just workout and study. Also in smaller things like, hm, clean your room.
I saw many videos about motivation and how to get motivated. Some tips really helped me and other just don't. It's a personal thing.
First of all, you have to see a reason why you should do it. For example school. You need to study to make good grades. When your missing your motivation, you have to realize that it's important to study if you want good grades. If you don't want to have good grade, it doesn't matter to you, it's okay to study less. Just keep in mind what your goals are and what you are willing to do to reach them. I think you can't motivate you to do something you absolutely hate and see no purpose in. It just don't work. You'll never give 100% for this. Never.
If you really want something but your struggling to stay focused make a goal board or write down the goals you have. I absolutely like to print out pictures, look at them and think: When I work hard enough this could be me. This is my motivation.

I hope you understood what I meant. I wish you a happy and wonderful week. You'll get this.
xx Louise

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  1. Lovely post. One thing for what I never will find motivation for is football. I hate it. Proplem when everybody else love it..
    Love, Lea♥