Healthy Life

06 März

I know that for some people it’s hard to eat healthy every day but actually it’s not just the food that makes you healthy. For a healthy life you also need enough sleep, exercises and less stress. 

So here are some points that helped me to get a healthier life
  • Get rid of everything unhealthy 
It's never a good idea to have a lot of chocolate and other unhealthy stuff at home. The temptation is too big.

  • always have some healthy snacks at home 
There are many option of healthy snacks, like crackers with less fat. Fruit and nuts are also a good option. 

  • let negative things go
Negativity pulls you down. So let go the things that stress you. When school is a point that stresses you try to make it better. Some things you can't change, you only can make the best out of it.

  • sleep enough 
Sleep. Who doesn't love sleeping? Moste people don't sleep enough but it's very importen for our health. So, please sleep more.

  • put your handy 30min before you go to bed away 
This is a difficult point and I still struggle with it. But I try. 

Don’t be too hard with yourself in reaching your goals. Be strict and when you crave something sweet try a healthy version of it. Apples and dates are very tasty and I always eat them when I want sweets. 

If it helps you to stay motivated, ask a friend to makes that with you. It's much more fun so. 

I hope you liked this post.

xx Louise 

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